Varstad Gård Gisløy

Varstad Gård Gisløy
Ketojen hoitoa.

søndag 1. januar 2012

Humpbacks and Orcas


Here some pictures from the last safari of the year 2011. We were  so lucky to find first two humpbacks a bit far away from Stø and  later an orca family together with three humpbacks very close to our harbour. The weather was perfect. My friend Tom was  taking pictures and finding whales.
Happy New Year and many whales.
Many thanks to our captain fisherman Johnny Ekenborg Johnsen

Gavlfjorden nearby, is going to be a paradise for orcas. We have local  herring year around, mackerel during summer months  and travelling herring from Barents Sea in january.

Humpback close to our boat

Blowing humpback whales.

Young humpback whale  diving. in a very ground water. 

We have a lot of food outside of Stø right now.  Humpbacks, some of them, are travelling  here together with orcas. Normally they are now in Caribbian.

We  have not so much light in this time of the year. Binocular helps a lot

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