søndag 17. oktober 2010

Webbiäpä hyvinkin

Tuula antoi blogissaan hyvän vinkin noista webbikameroista, että heti on matkittava ja laitettava linkki meidän kylän kameroihin. Täältä löytyy.

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  2. Moikka Lauri!

    Josko sut saisi tätä kautta kiinni... Millainen sää Støssä? Ei ole kuulunut mitään mistään suunnalta, vähän hermostuttaa, jos yhtäkkiä pitäisikin olla siellä ja ollaankin täällä. Tästä paikasta puheenollen, Kempeleessä on oikein viihtyisää, suurperheisiin ja pikkulapsiin tottumattomalle aika extreme-kokemus toisaalta :D
    (Lisäsin sut yhteystietoluetteloon gmailissa mutta en tiedä riittääkö se siihen että voi jutella siinä chatissä... Varmaan sunkin pitäisi tehdä samoin.)

    Äiti muuten oli googlettanut mut ja löytänyt tämän blogin sitä kautta, ha ha. Sehän on ihan sun kohderyhmääkin, kun on keski-ikäinen nainen, vai mitä? *virn*


  3. Thanks Greet but i'm not in facebook. Sorry. Thanks anyway. Stø is so baeutiful.

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  5. Mirella! Taitaa teillä olla ikävä syötitystupien ilmapiiriä ja Alf Vidarin siimapönttöjä.
    Minut saa kiinni tätä kautta. Voitte jatkaa oloanne Kempeleessä. Sää muuttui taas surkeaksi, mekään emme mene merelle siimalaivoista puhumattakaan.
    Katson sitä chattia vaikka en mitään ymmärräkkään. pitää kysyä asiantuntijalta.
    Täältä ilmoitellaan kun on merikelejä. Ei ennen keskiviikkoiltaa ainakaan.
    Näköjään äiti pitää huolta tyttärestään nettijalanjälkiä seuraamalla.heeehheh.

  6. Dear Greet.
    I'm realistic. Have been that already 10 years.
    To be realistic in a fishing village like Stø means to be one part of that village.

    To be realistic means also to respect the peacefull people in Stø. And the lifestyle they have. It means to respect the people who are living here by loving the village and the nature around.Also using the nature.
    They have been doing that generations after generations.

    It's a hard life. It's not so easy to survive here. We have many things to do better. Many things to understand better. Foreign people visiting us can see things and small problems what we are not so clever to reconnais.

    For me those problems are not so big. Stø is not so dirty. Every year we have been cleaning beaches around.First together with locale school. And after in the last years together with workers and longlinemakers. A lot off things have been done. We have been more clever to take care.

    You know that

  7. I continue...
    You know that after every storm we have rubbish to pick up. You can also find some papers and bottles and other things beside of our roads too. But for me it is not a problem.

    Stø is not dirtyer then other villages in our norwegian coast. Stø is activ and off course you can see some signs of that activity.

    Greet, You make a very great jobb. You take care.But you dont need to do this alone. You are member in many of lokal assosiations.Ask your friends. Ask people in your gallery. Ask factory. Ask everybody.
    And arrange a big cleaning day.

    That is the way to go.
    To attack is not.

    I write positiv things in my blogg. That our Stø is so fine and beautifull. People are friendly. That everybody has place. Everybody is importent. Stø is a good village to live. And we take care of our sea, mountains and beaches.
    And we are taking care off people. That is absolutely the most importent thing to do.

    Greet! I'm not a norse, but almost. I dont feel any shame. No,I'm so proud to be one part of Stø. I hope yuo also do.

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  9. I feel a need to reply to the comment by 'tom en greet'.

    First of all, Stø is one of the last and most important living fishing villages in Norway. Therefore, this village is unique and the people living here are living as a part of nature, they live off what nature has to offer and they understand the importance of nature. To my opinion, the amount of garbage in Stø is not more or less that in any other town here - and with such active fishing going on, it is natural that there is a certain amount of litter left. Moreover, the sea brings a lot of garbage to the shore. Walking along the most beautiful and remote beaches anywhere in, one will find glass, bottles, plastic..etc along the shore.

    As also new in this village (I have lived here ca 5 months), I feel that the correct approach to issues and problems, is to talk to locals and ask how things have been done before instead of accusing them publicly. It is bad advertisment for the lovely village and for the community you have chosen to live in. In addition, I do not think that anyone in this village has waited for you or any other tourist to come and clean here. You say that people should be open and talk to each other..? So I just wonder, if you have ever bothered to ask the locals about the procedures of cleaning in this town... or ever tried to arrange a cleaning day together with the locals? Or discussed the amount of garbage with the locals and find out what solutions exist and if it would be possible to change or improve it? I
    recommend that as an option instead of public attacks and telling people off. A bit more modest approach...

    Some facts that I have heard: The fishermen together with the locals arrange 'cleaning days'. During this day everyone participate in the cleaning of the village together. In
    addition, also the staff at the fishing factory has been arranging cleaning days
    separately. This is a very normal thing to do, to arrange common cleaning days, not only in
    Stø but in most villages/towns/cities in Scandinavia. I think that this is still part of
    the plan of the fishermen and the locals - to continue with such cleaning days.

    Stø is beautiful, and for visitors it might seem like a wonderful illusion at first hand,
    but it also a very normal and active fishing town. If you take your time to get to know the
    locals and their habits, you will find that the people are kind, warm and welcoming. They
    are open for new inhabitants, they are willing to listen to ideas and opinions and most
    imporantly, they certanly care and are proud of their village.

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  11. Greet, the point is that fishermen, linemakers and local people, including me, dont like to read so heavy negativ critic against us all in media.

    We are feeling (That article in Øksnesavisa has been a theme in local shop an in Stø ) that article as attack. It is against us as a group. That you make small things big. That you just drive to find things to critisize.

    If that was not your meaning and we understud this article in Øksnesavisa and your comments in my blogg wrong i and the other say very sorry.

    Thie episode feels very sad after all work what we have done to make our village prettier. You know that we have done a lot.

    Now in your last answer to Camilla you are talking about totally different things. Camping place and what happens there was not the theme in the beginning. What happents there you must discuss with landowner.

    By the way officiel media is not the right place to discuss abp\out problems.

    We just must work harder to keep our Stø in media in positive way. Tell people in Norway and Europa that Welcome.

  12. I suggest that you keep a straight line in your comments. You speak against yourself all the time. I replied to your first comments, especially some of your statements, here
    directly cited:

    " because people dont care about the great nature they live in ! ...I want make Stø also CLEAN, mayby nobody cares, we do ! ... If I was a Norvegian : I was very, very a shamed, but waits for a Belgium tourist who cares for the fantastique place where we lives ! Beautiful Stø, but Beautiful people ????"

    I think it is great that people take the initative, like you do, and I am sure that the
    locals appreciate the fact that you clean. However, I just question the way the garbage
    issue has been brought forward - newspapers, publicly on the web... If you read my comment
    again, you will see that it is a general comment, my personal opinion about how I consider that issues and problems should be brought up. I think the garbage problem can be solved without accusing people of not caring. I agree with you, things should be talked about openly, and (I say it again) not brought up in the public media.

    Your statements that I cited above, are understood as a direct attack towars the village and I am sure that no one understands them as an invitaiton to an 'open discussion'. If you read through your own comments once more, I think that you will realise this yourself, how negatively and personally they will be received by the locals.

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